Rehovot Science Park

There is no more suitable venue for an industrial center where traditional industry sits adjacent to hi-tech, than in a pastoral area close to orchards.  Welcome to the Rehovot Science Park and Ness Tziona's Kiryat Weitzmann. 

This lush green area is easily accessible from all the main routes from Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport and the port of Ashdod as well as the rest of Israel.  With a rich technical specification and flexibility of planning and operation, the companies here have turned it into a thriving business center with a vision to the future.
Other benefits
  • 35,000 sq.m. of modular space - different sizes.
  • Non-standard ceiling height of about 6 meters.
  • Ample parking in parking lot with sophisticated ramps that provide access to the building's entrance.
  • Rich technical specifications with flexibility of planning and operation 
How to get there

Rehovot Park is on Gad Finstein Road adjacent to Rehovot Science Park and Kiryat Weitzmann in Ness Tziona.  It can be reached from the main traffic arteries: Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport or Ashdod Port.
The park is located next to the Tnuva factory and the Jafora-Tabori drinks factory, and Rehovot's American City shopping mall.