The hi-tech center of Northern Israel

Here, between the copses and surrounding natural beauty, in the heart of the industrial zone of Ramat Gabriel, you will find the Science Park.  A complex of three modern, high quality buildings that provide the perfect work environment for both productive and high quality output, for the leading hi-tech and bio-tech companies.

This unique location provides excellent accessibility to Haifa, Migdal HaEmek and Nazareth Elite and its status as a Grade A. industrial zone (complete with its package of benefits) is what has made Migdal Ha'Emek into the hi-tech and bio-tech capital of northern Israel.

Other benefits
  • Flexibility of planning – based on the needs of the customer and the nature of his activity.
  • Quality construction with a high quality finish.
  • Careful and precise environmental development. 
How to get there

The Science Park is located on Rechov Hata'asiya in the Ramat Gabriel Industrial Zone and can be reached with ease from Haifa, Migdal HaEmek or Nazareth Elite.