Africa Israel Industries Ltd. and its consolidated companies are engaged in three fields of activity: steel in Israel, ceramics, and steel in Russia. Since September 1981, the company’s shares have been registered for trade on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd.

Steel in Israel – Packer Steel Industries and Packer Construction Steel

The company primarily operates in the steel sector through its holdings in Packer Steel Industries Ltd. Packer is engaged in the sale of raw materials for the Israeli metals industry and construction. Packer operates seven sites, which are located in various geographical locations across the country. Packer's activities (through its subsidiary and investee companies) include:

  • processing and selling of various sizes of steel plates;   Steel service center processing and distributing full range of flat steels including carbon aluminum and stainless
  • production and sale of pipes and profiles,
  • processing and sale of steel rods and stocking full range of rods and bars 
  • processing of steel for reinforced concrete,
  • galvanization and painting of metal products;
  • production and marketing of greenhouses;
  • import and marketing of complementary steel products in the field of electronic equipment; stocking and distributing wide range of metals for various  industries  including defense , food chemical and fabrication for electronic equipment
  • Production and marketing light poles.

The Packer Group employs over 1,050 workers. 

Head office:

Tel: +972-8-6625105
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